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FreeStyle Lite Glucose Meter


freeStyle Butterfly

The FreeStyle Lite blood glucose meter is small (fits in your palm), discreet and is specifically designed to make a diabetic person's busy life a lot easier especially for people using insulin to help manager their diabetes. This small meter only requires a blood sample size of 0.3 mL (0.3 microliters) to help make testing virtually pain free. The FreeStyle Lite is a No Coding meter making it easy to use and easy to teach for the newly diagnosed diabetes tester. The FreeStyle Lite blood glucose meter only uses FreeStyle Lite test strips.

FreeStyle Lite Features:

  • No Coding required
  • Smallest Blood Sample Size 0.3 mL (0.3 microliters)
  • Quick 5 second test time
  • Holds 400 test results in memory
  • Back-light and test strip port light
  • Alternate Site Testing Available
    Fingertips, Forearms, Upper Arms, Thighs, Calves, and Hands
  • Provides testing averages for 7,14, and 30 days
  • Covered by Medicare and most private insurances

Freestyle lite meter kit

The Freestyle Glucose Meter uses the FreeStyle Test Strips and have been calibrated for proven accuracy and holding the title as World's fastest glucose meter. Available is alternate site testing alternate site testing (AST) for a less painful testing experience. With more nerve ending in the finger tips, the ability to take blood glucose samples in AST locations have proven to be less painful in 7 out of 10 patients. FreeStyle Meters offer the most alternate test site locations available.


alternate_site_testingAlternate Site Testing With The FreeStyle Lite Meter:

To elaborate more on alternate site testing (AST), there are times when testing the finger is preferred. When your condition involves rapid changes in blood glucose levels, it might be better to use finger-tip testing with your FreeStyle Glucose Meter. This is because blood flow is three to five times faster than alternate sites and therefore will pick up on those changes sooner than an alternate test site (AST). The FreeStyle Lite Glucose Meter is a very accurate device, it is proper testing for your level of diabetes with any glucose meter that is required for the best blood glucose management. Another factor is the delution level of blood sugar in your finger is different than alternate sites, so the meters have been calibrated for this area. If you do plan to use alternate site testing, it is best to get approval from your health care professional and know the differences in test results.


FreeStyle Lite Meter Display Lights:

The FreeStyle Lite Meter comes with two built in lights to help make your blood glucose testing a little easier and convenient in low light situations. The display backlight on your FreeStyle Meter can be turned on in any mode except when applying a sample. While in sample mode, the test light will come on and help to see your blood sample and FreeStyle Lite Test Strip. This is extremely convenient for those who test bedside or in other low light situations. Even more so, those with limited vision have shown the greatest appreciation to the added lighting. Sometimes it is not so easy to flip an extra light on when you have your hands full in the middle of a test; the FreeStyle Lite user never has this problem.

hydrationOther Considerations While Using The FreeStyle Lite Meter:

Other things to consider to insure accurate blood glucose testing with the FreeStyle Lite Meter or any other glucose meter are make sure you are properly hydrated. Dehydration and excessive water loss can effect reading of a glucose meter. Always take caution if readings are below 60 mg/dL or higher than 240 mg/dL. You should repeat test to be sure before contacting a healthcare professional or taking other necessary precautions. It is common for some diabetics to get dehydrated easily and for those that know this should monitor their blood glucose and hydration more closely.

Medicare And Other Options For Getting A FreeStyle Lite Glucose Meter:

Do you have Medicare, or believe you might be eligible for Medicare Part B coverage? If so, ask about getting coverage for a FreeStyle Lite Meter through Medicare along with possible discounts and free offers if available at our contact page. We do occasionally run special offers to new customers. Make sure you ask about these offers when you talk to one of our diabetes care specialists. Many times there is very little to zero costs to you.

Recent News on the FreeStyle Lite Meter:

Glooko App CableIn late 2011,  an app on iTunes was released called Glooko. It is designed to be one of the better diabetes management apps with direct sink and upload from your glucose meter. With the MeterSnc cable device, you can connect your FreeStyle Lite Meter and the Glooko software will automatically upload any of your stored data. You can add additional information and have advanced features not available on your meter, for those who are looking to stepping up a level in diabetic management. The app is free through iTunes as of their recent release. Contact us for more information on the MeterSync Cable for direct connection to your FreeStyle Lite and hands free data transfer.


More Information About Glucose Meters?

Just in case you are still wondering what a glucose meter is, or would like more information on them we have compiled this section for those who just can't get enough info. So what is a glucose meter? A glucose meter is a medical device for determining a persons blood glucose levels. It is used mostly by those with hypoglycemia or diabetes mellitus. The meter works with a lancing device and lancet, that obtains the blood sample by pricking the finger or alternate site. With the disposable test strips that work with the glucose meter, you apply the blood sample.  The meter then displays the level in mg/dl or mmol/l. Typically all glucose meters work this way, but have added advancements in this technology and minimal changes to target certain types of users or to improve all around features. Typically the focus is on speed, ease of use and accuracy. FreeStyle Lite Meters have focused on a generalized upgrade as to be a great product for the average diabetic, to those with diabetes related impairments. Another popular improvement since the early 80's when glucose meters hit the scene is blood glucose management software. Either directly on your meter, or off meter plug in tools. This can be on your home PC, tablet or phone device. Since the FreeStyle Lite has all of these options, it  is a matter of what is more convenient for you.


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